Wonder Woman 7Qt Slow Cooker
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Wonder Woman 7Qt Slow Cooker

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Good Eats Equal Zero DefeatsWonder Woman has many jobs


A dinner prep she could get behind Using the slow cooker

All she would have to do to create a dinner that brought her back to her long lost home of Themyscira was throw some chicken, preserved roasted red peppers, and Greek red wine vinegar into her crockpot, turn it on, and head out to work on slowly restoring that statue of her father, Zeus

And when she gets home, she'll find a taste of home waiting for her

And with a background like hers, she wouldn't want to resort to frozen pizzas or fast food either

Or maybe you need both

Or perhaps you're simply looking for an item that will keep your time in the kitchen to a minimum while offering up wonderful meals

She even restores ancient art

She fights

She plays diplomat

She'd even have leftovers as long as she didn't invite a hungry Superman over for dinner!Fun DetailsThis licensed crockpot features three different warming settings including low, high, and warming

So there's no way she'd want to come back from a day on the job and spend an hour in the kitchen

Stay fed and inspired when this gorgeous slow cooker is in your kitchen

The gorgeous gold exterior with the Wonder Woman logo and stars is sure to be a hit with fans that have an appetite. nbsp Cook with a KickSo, maybe you need a slow cooker nbsp that will keep your famous cheese dip warm during a Wonder Woman themed nbsp party

The stoneware insert can be taken out of the electronic warming base to be stored in the fridge or brought to a party